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Accommodation Practices

Steps for Making a Workplace Accommodation

Step 1: Decide if the candidate for employment or employee with a disability is qualified to perform the essential functions of the job with or without an accommodation.

Step 2: Identify the candidate's or employee's workplace accommodation needs by:

  • involving the individual who has the disability in every step of the process;
  • employing confidentiality principles while exploring ways to provide workplace accommodations;
  • consulting with rehabilitation professionals, if needed;
  • using job descriptions and job analyses to detail essential functions of the job; and
  • identifying the individual's functional limitations and potential accommodations

Step 3: Select and provide the accommodation that is most appropriate for the candidate/employee and employer.

  • Costs should not be an undue hardship.
  • Accommodations selected should be effective, reliable, easy to use, and readily available for the employee needing the accommodation.
  • An employee should try the product or piece of equipment prior to its purchase.

Step 4: Check results by:

  • Monitoring the accommodation to see if the adaptation enables the employee to complete the necessary work task(s); and
  • Periodically evaluating the accommodation(s) to ensure effectiveness.

Step 5: Provide follow-up, if needed, by:

  • Modifying the accommodation if necessary; or
  • Repeating these steps if appropriate.

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