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Assistive Aids

Assistive Aids

Assistive technology ranges from high tech to low tech and expensive to free. Some items may be purchased and either used as is or in a different application; others are fabricated. Sometimes, something already owned by the company is modified. Some different examples of assistive technology are provided below.

Situation: A catalogue salesperson has difficulty holding the telephone and writing legibly
Accommodation: Telephone headset and weighted pen
Cost: $60.00

Situation: A person working in a warehouse loses his/her balance when trying to transport materials from one work area to another using an upright dolly
Accommodation: A flatbed dolly allows the person to lean on materials by exerting weight; balance is maintained; a rope is attached to allow the employee to pull the dolly back to the workstation once it was emptied
Cost: $53.00

Situation: A computer programmer cannot read small print on the computer monitor
Accommodation: Screen magnification software can be purchased for use on a larger sized monitor with a glare guard
Cost: $395.00

Situation: A customer service representative is accidentally hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard and having difficulty manipulating the mouse and is, therefore, losing time when inputting information into the data base
Accommodation: Install a key guard that fits over the keyboard and track ball
Cost: $150.00

Situation: An assistant food preparer does not know when it is time to take or return from a break
Accommodation: The employee wears an alarm watch; it is set to signal when to go to and return from break
Cost: $35.00

Situation: A cleaning person cannot reach the tops of windows to properly clean them
Accommodation: Extra length is added to the handle of a squeegee
Cost: $15.00

Situation: A photo machine operator accidentally hits controls that change the images
Accommodation: Magic marker caps are placed over switches to shield each from being changed
Cost: $5.00

Situation: A bank officer suffers from severe low back pain
Accommodation: Install a pneumatic height-adjustable chair and moveable footrest
Cost: $310.00

Situation: A prep cook cannot correctly apportion six different types of pasta into various ounce servings using the kitchen scale
Accommodation: Cups are fabricated; each is color-coded and holds the correct portion and type of pasta
Cost: $38.00

Situation: A mechanic has difficulty using a manual screwdriver to loosen and tighten screws
Accommodation: An electric screwdriver replaced the manual tool
Cost: $48.00

For more information, contact the Job Accommodation Network
1-800-JAN-7234 (V/TTY)
1-800-JAN-4698 (in West Virginia)

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