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Legal Authority

Statutory and Bylaw requirements

The GCEPD was established as a permanent committee of the Governor pursuant to V.S.A. Title 21, Sec. 497.  It states that the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities will:  1) initiate activities to enhance public awareness; 2) facilitate cooperation and collaborative planning among federal, state and private agencies which provide rehabilitation and employment services to people with disabilities; and 3) provide information and advice to the Governor and the Vermont Legislature on issues which relate to the employment of Vermonters with disabilities.

According to the by-laws of the GCEPD, the Committee shall consist of 21 members appointed by the Governor.  It must include representatives from the Department of Employment and Training (now the Department of Labor), the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Veterans Administration, and the Veterans Employment Service.  Members are expected to serve no more than six years.  A balance is to be maintained between the private sector, service providers, people with disabilities, and people who represent Vermonters with disabilities.  In addition, a geographic balance is to be maintained to ensure the entire state of Vermont is represented.

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