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2005 Governor's Award Winners

2005 Governor’s Award Winners

On June 19, 2006, in conjunction with the Governor's Summit on Employment of People with Disabilities, Governor Jim Douglas presented the 2005 Governor's Awards to the following businesses and business persons who made significant contributions to the employment of individuals with disabilities.

 Taken from the Governor’s comments during the award presentation


Employment & Accommodation Award:

  Alice Dermody, Aramark Food Services, Randolph Center, Vermont:

Alice Dermody, Aramark Food Services    This award is presented to an employer who reflects the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act in their employment practices.  The award is being presented to Alice Dermody for her remarkable dedication to promoting employment access and supporting employees with disabilities.  She has shown great flexibility in exploring job matches and allowing individuals to try out jobs on a temporary basis.  Furthermore, her positive, receptive attitude generates a relaxed and friendly environment where not only are employees happy and feeling supported, but they are also encouraged to support one another.


Employment & Accommodation Award:

  Susan Chicoine, TD Banknorth, Burlington, Vermont

  Charles LeTourneau, TD Banknorth, Bennington, Vermont

Sue Chicoine and Governor Jim Douglas

 This award is for an employer who reflects the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act in their employment practices.  On a statewide basis, TD Banknorth is a strong advocate - especially to the business community - for the hiring of individuals with disabilities.  Furthermore, individuals with disabilities employed by the Bank provide extremely positive feedback about their experience. 

 In the Burlington area, Susan Chicoine is an outstanding partner to supporting agencies, devoting herself to identifying successful employment opportunities for their candidates.  She is also a strong contributing member of the Business Advisory Council and Business Leadership Network, avidly supporting their focus on creating opportunity and providing supports for job seekers with disabilities. 

Charles LeTourneau and Governor Jim DouglasIn the Bennington area, Charles LeTourneau has provided great service as President of the Board of the newly formed Business Advisory Council on Disabilities of Bennington County, steering its formation and providing council, advice and wisdom.  Not only has he hired individuals with disabilities into positions at Banknorth, but he has also promoted mentoring efforts, training initiatives, networking opportunities and informational interviews, all designed to support the transition into employment of individuals with disabilities.



Design & Accessibility Award:

   Mark Stewart, MGS Architects of Newport, VT, Newport, Vermont  Mark Stewart and Governor Jim Douglas

 This award is presented to an architect, contractor, business, municipality, recreational facility or entity that has created innovative and creative solutions for accessible structures, buildings or services.  Accommodations and provisions to create equal and aesthetic access are also considered.  Mark Stewart, as principal in charge of design and oversight of the historic Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport – built in 1898 - overcame a myriad of legal and practical challenges associated with the renovation of a historic landmark to create “a prominent example of elegant accessibility for the 21st century.” 


Governor’s Award for Outstanding Effort:

  Perry Richards, Elizabeth Kafer, April Tuck, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Perry Richards, April Tuck, and Governor Douglas

 This award is presented only when an employer, business, or organization truly exemplifies a mission to promote employment of people with disabilities, and is given to these representatives of the human resources staff of Middlebury College for their outstanding and proven record of employing and supporting Vermonters with disabilities.  Acting in the true spirit of community partnership, they have gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide mentoring opportunities, practice interviews, career advice, work try outs, job shadowing and employment in a manner that demonstrates the highest level of respect and a genuine willingness to create successful employment situations.

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